Matrix One Tablet

Matrix One TabletWe see a plethora of Android-powered devices nowadays and it is quite difficult to know which model we should use. Tablets come in various form-factors, sizes, price points and hardware configurations. Those who think a 10” tablet too large can choose a 7” model or even a 5” model that sits on the boundary between smartphones and tablets. Most tablets are priced between $600 and $199, but if you think that these tablets are still wee a bit too expensive for your liking, fret not as an even more affordable tablet is already available.

Sold for only $90, the Matrix One features Ice Cream Sandwich, 1080p HDMI, integrated WiFi, microSD memory card, USB mini port and a full-sized USB port. The WVGA resolution used for 7” display could be too small but should be enough for any budget user. It comes with two internal storage options 4GB and 16GB and a 2Mp front-facing camera is placed at the front. The Matrix One should offer nearly comparable entertainment and productivity values with much more expensive tablets.

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