Windows RT - Windows 8 Tablets

Windows RT - Windows 8 TabletsSince much of the computing community abandoned DOS and moved to Windows 95; Microsoft software platforms have always been preferred choice for gamers. Obviously, there’s no stopping for many mobile gamers to eventually choose Windows RT/Windows portable devices. It is easy predict that more game developers will release Windows PC games that are also optimized for Windows 8 tablets.

Both operating system versions already include play Xbox and Microsoft has launched a new branding called Play. It is a new designation for Xbox arcade games for both software platforms. These games should satisfy preferences of many users with non-stop arcade and immersive gameplay. The service also offer features like connecting with friends, leaderboards, multiplayer mode and many others.

Although it has the tagline “Play Anywhere” the Play service is not integrated with Xbox console and Windows Phone 8 devices. However, Microsoft may already have plans for that. Overall, this should be a welcome move from the company and we should see more games to arrive on Windows RT/Windows 8 portable devices.

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