Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch and Glow Light Review

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch and Glow Light Review

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch and Glow Light ReviewWhat’s your number one problem when you go to bed? Perhaps, it’s light. You may keep your partner awake often by leaving the light on as you’re trying to finish the final gripping pages of a thriller novel. Luckily, Barnes and Noble recently released the Nook Simple Touch and Glow Light. The device is already up for preorder at just $139 a pop and it can prevent you from bring kicked out of your bed as you are scrambling to read just one more page of the Hunger Games.

The device shares many specs details with the original Nook Simple Touch, such as to processor, microSD card slot, 2 GB of internal storage and a 6″ Pearl e-ink display.  It also has the concave back cover that makes it easier for users to hold the device. There are a few distinctions of course; the e-reader is lighter than the predecessor, about 5 percent, although insignificant, veteran users of Simple Touch can easily notice the difference. Really perceptive users would benefit from the updated device, as the more textured display can make the e-reader more convenient to read. At $139, the e-reader is about $40 more expensive than the original simple touch.

The centerpiece if this device is a patent-pending technology, which employs a light that’s illuminated from the top of the display. Users can trigger the illumination by pressing the “n” button for a couple of seconds. In most cases, half brightness setting is enough for reading in a moderately dark room.

The illuminated light us distributed evenly on the screen although there’s a slight gradient near the light source, at the top. The e-reader stays true to the benefits of e-ink technology and the device can provide a pleasant reading experience. The e-reader also has improved battery life and it can give users about a month of reading time or two months with the light off.

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