Google Nexus Tablet

Google Nexus TabletPredictably, Google won’t be content with just a 7” Nexus tablet and it will have a plan to cover the entire tablet space. Analysts believe that Google is proceeding in its quest to enter the 10” front, to compete with various iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1” models. According to sources, Google will use 10” OGS (one glass solution) panels from Wintek, which is currently Google’s biggest touch-display supplier. AU Optronics may also supply the 10” display.

Previously, Wintek delivered 500,000 units of 7” OGS panels for the Nexus 7 tablet, which is expected to reach one million next month. The Nexus 7 tablet also uses display made by TPK Holding.

Wintek is expecting that its OGS panels will become mainstream next year and they can be adopted by 10.1” netbooks for touch-based interface of Windows 8. The company also claims that its production capacity can reach 5 million OGS panels for smartphones and 3 million OGS panels for tablets/netbooks.

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