Microsoft Unveiled Keyboards and Mice for Windows 8 Tablets

Windows 8 Tablet Keyboard Mice

Windows 8 Tablet Keyboard MiceMicrosoft has just revealed special types of keyboards and mice that will be fully compatible with Windows 8 tablets. The Wedge Mobile Keyboard is a wireless model that may cost $79.95 and it has a protective cover that can also double as a stand for any tablet. On the other hand, the Wedge Touch Mouse is a $69.95 Bluetooth mouse that can connect to a Windows 8 tablet or PC.

Microsoft will be releasing its upcoming operating system in October and it will offer deep integration between PCs and tablets, which could be appealing to many corporate users. The combination of new operating system and specialized hardware should be able to offer some opposition to Apple’s lead in the industry and boost sales when devices running Windows 8 are finally released.

Microsoft’s revenue from Windows OS sales in a three-month period of April, May and June has fallen short slightly to $4.15 billion from the analyst estimate of $4.44, the 5th times in the last seven quarters. This could mean that Windows 7 has reached its peak in the market and Microsoft needs to release a new major OS version.

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