Nexus Tablet is Confirmed to Arrive At The End of June

Nexus Tablet

Nexus TabletAnother confirmation is released that the Nexus Tablet will be coming soon. An Asus rep at Computex 2012 said that the company will be releasing the tablet at the end of June. The collaboration between Google and Asus seems to extend to Nvidia as well; the Google Nexus is expected to debut the Nvidia Tegra 3 Kai chipset, which is intended to power future affordable tablets. The Kai is essentially a low-cost implementation of the Nvidia Tegra 3 with cheap DDR2 RAM, cores running at 1.3GHz and various cost-cutting measures. It remains to be seen whether Google and Asus will keep their promise for releasing the tablet at only $199.

The Nexus Tablet is expected to further improve price-to-performance value of Android tablets in the market, which can be seen as worthwhile alternatives to the Apple iPad. Many very cheap tablets, some less than $100, are already available in the market, but they usually still use resistive screen and manufactured with less-than-adequate quality control standard.

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