Asus MeMo Tablets

Asus MeMo TabletsMany of us have forgotten Asus’ MeMo line as the company is better known for its Nexus 7 and Transformer models. Two MeMo models have been added to FCC’s listing this week. We still get very little details on the phone, but it should come with basic features such as Bluetooth and WiFi.

The larger model, the K001 seems to have a camera and 10” display, while the K0W will have a 7” display and probably no camera. These devices should head to the US market soon after being approved by the FCC. Again, there’s no word on the official release date, but we may first see them on early months of 2013. There’s not even a confirmation whether the MeMo will have Jelly Bean OS, but there’s a possibility that it will.

Asus previously scrapped the original MeMo design in favor of the $199 Nexus 7 tablet and the revival of the brand could be aimed to give users low-cost alternative to the more powerful Transformer Pad lineup. It was also reported that the Asus will release a $99 tablet in South Africa. The attractively-cheap device would feature a 7” (1024 x 600) display and WonderMedia WM8950 processor. It’s not known whether that the tablet is actually the K0W.

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