Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle FireIn the run-up to Amazon Kindle Fire HD’s launch event through the week, among the hottest rumors we heard was that the e-tailer giant would also unveil a smartphone, Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and does it mean Amazon never intended to release a smartphone after all? We can’t be to sure at this moment. But it is clear that Amazon is solidifying its presence on the mobile market by releasing two different versions of Kindle Fire, 8.9” and 7” models. When interviewed by the media, Jeff Bezos promised that his company will diversify its mobile products further, though perhaps, not any time soon. He refused to draw any further on Amazon’s future products, saying it would be premature to discuss about this subject.

In hindsight, we may not have the opportunity to see the Amazon smartphone this year as the company could be focusing in selling and distributing its new tablets.

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