NPD DisplaySearch revealed recently that HTC could be working on a new tablet with Windows OS for a release later this year. It hasn’t been clarified what type of software version used, the full-fledged Windows 8 or the lighter, ARM-based Windows RT. However, we know that the tablet will use a 10.1” full HD display produced by the LG Display.

HTC’s days as a tablet market began in early 2011 with an Android-based 7” tablet, the HTC Flyer. HTC Jetstream was launched 7 months later with 4G LTE support and a 10.1” display. Both used the optional HTC Scribe stylus for special features. HTC might have wanted to make a Windows tablet in 2012, but Microsoft seemed to want a stronger partner.

Previous tablet models released by HTC have poor sales and the company itself only had one percent of share in the tablet market. If this rumor is true, HTC’s upcoming Windows-based tablet will be the first in one and a half year.

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