HTC May Be Planning to Release an Ubuntu Tablet

A 10″ tablet was spotted in HTC’s press event and it is reported to be something rather different than what we normally see. It may sound a bit far fetched but HTC could be planning to release an Ubuntu-powered tablet. Canonical has been developing an Ubuntu version optimized for tablets and smartphones. There’s even a countdown timer on Canonical’s website to let us know when the device is released. There are two separate press events, one in New York and another in London.

The rumor first appeared when the image was uploaded to the company’s Instagram account. For many of us, this development comes as a surprise, because a Linux tablet is very rare in the mobile industry. It is widely known that HTC has a rather checkered history in the tablet space with the lackluster market performance of the Jetstream and Flyer. The Taiwanese company decided to take a temporary hiatus, although some reports said that the company will launch tablets with Windows 8 in Q3 this year.

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