Fujitsu Stylistic Q550

Fujitsu Stylistic Q550Public attention is mostly focused to the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets; however some makers still dutifully offering us Windows tablets with stylus included. The Fujitsu Stylistic Q555 is a Windows 7 tablet that is powered by Intel Atom “Oak Trail” processor. The tablet is quite heavy; at 872g, you wouldn’t want to hold it for more than 30 minutes. Though it has rubberized rear and plastic build, the tablet does feel well made. Although no user would want to drop the tablet; you’d have less concern about unintentionally damaging the Q550. There are many features designed for business users; the full-sized HDMI port allows you to connect to projectors and TV, which helps presentation-givers immensely. Also, fingerprint readers and smartcard will satisfy security-conscious owners. The 10.1” (1280 x 8000 pixels) display is bright with pixel density count that matches Apple’s original iPad. The display has a matte finish that prevents overhead light from being reflected, a common cause for glare that affects many tablets.

The Stylistic Q550 use low-powered Atom Z670 chips, so when it comes to raw performance, you shouldn’t get your hopes too high. It struggles its way through some demanding Windows apps, though it boasts 2GB of RAM. Rendering websites using the stock IE browser can prove to be a struggle although the integrated graphic solution still allows you to play HD videos smoothly. Some users also reported that the Fujitsu’s tablet feels hot to touch after running hardware-intensive applications.

In tablet market, its 30GB SSD storage is normally considered as adequate, but with Windows 7 Professional and Microsoft Office 2010 installed, you’ll get less than 8GB of free space. Since Windows also needs 2GB for swap file, you’ll need to be careful with your files allocation.  Windows tablets have always been a niche segment in the tablet market and given its useful security features and robust build, it is definitely a good choice for some users.

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  1. Thank you 😉 This Benq 37 TV was one of the first HD TV’s here in Europe. Price in 2005:1750 euro or 2250 dollar. It’s a first generation quality TV.

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