Microsoft 7" Gaming Tablet

Microsoft 7" Gaming TabletIt is recently reported that Microsoft is developing a 7” tablet aimed for mobile gamers and it may eventually be called Xbox Surface tablet. This device is already in hardware planning stage and Microsoft still refuses to offer a comment on the existence of this device. Rumors on a Microsoft gaming tablet “surfaced” in June this year and it might be running a lite version of Windows RT.

The tablet will be powered by a customized ARM chip and high performance RAM. Nonetheless, the specification could eventually be altered to Intel-based to support standard Windows software.

It is believed that common tablet functions, such as browsing will still be supported, but the main focus is now on mobile gaming. The software giant could be working on a separate project that’s distinct from the current Surface tablet models. The tablet may eventually appear before the official release of the next Xbox console, which could be released on the second half of 2013.

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