Microsoft Surface Tablet ProMany loyal users of Windows OS have been holding out for the Surface Pro tablet. It’s easy to see that the original Surface tablet uses a handicapped OS and an ARM hardware platform that doesn’t support legacy Windows software.

One recent report could be good news for them as a device sent by Microsoft with code number 1514 has just arrived to FCC and it could be the alleged Microsoft Surface Tablet Pro. The device is rumored to have an Intel Core i5 processor under its hood and the full-fledged Windows 8 Pro OS. The aforementioned code number is nearly similar to that of the original Surface tablet’s 1516.

Again, we should take any rumor with a grain of salt since Microsoft hasn’t confirmed this. However, it’s quite safe to speculate that the device is a new Surface tablet variant; hopefully with much improved hardware and software. If true, the tablet should arrive in January.

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