Android 4.1 Can Now be Ported to Nook Tablets

Android 4.1 Nook Tablets

Android 4.1 Nook TabletsUsers of Nook Tablet and Nook Color would easily envy those using newer Android tablets. In fact, many users don’t know that their Nook tablets actually run Android OS at the core. Even fewer know that their tablets can run the Jelly Bean (Android 4.1). Specifically modified microSD cards now allow these devices to boot the relatively new Android version.

The N2A (Nook 2 Android) is a port of CyanogenMod, a widely popular fork of Android that allows users a higher degree of flexibility when using and modifying their devices. In a nutshell, users can get complete Google services, including access to Google Play store.

Owners of Nook tablets seeking to get the latest Android love are lucky to have a few options at their disposal. With only $19.99 they can download and transfer the image to a clean microSD card or purchase cards already loaded with the OS; $29.99 for the 8GB card and $69.99 for the 64GB card.

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