Leviton Introduces In-Wall USB Charger for Tablets and Smartphones

Leviton USB Charger for Tablets

Leviton USB Charger for TabletsIf you are like many of us, chances are you have different types of chargers for your mobile devices. Unfortunately, not only do they look unattractive, they also take up space. New in-wall USB chargers are released recently by Leviton and they can help simplify things immensely. Using the standard form factor, these devices are compatible with many types of electrical installations. The Leviton T5630 has two USB ports and it can work with many kinds of devices. One USB port supports up to 2.1A and the other up to 0.7A. The built-in auto-sensing chip can help the device to adjust the amperage depending on the device charged.

This allows you to charge a large tablet and a much smaller smartphone simultaneously. But because there’s a limit of maximum combined capacity, you may not be able to connect to two different tablets. As USB-based charging devices are becoming more common these days, it is increasingly necessary for new homeowners to add some in-wall USB charging solutions.

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