New Technologies Could Make the Apple iPad 5 Thinner and Lighter

Rumors on the iPad 5 begin to pick up speed as we are pushing further into 2013. The general consensus is that Apple’s next tablet will have thinner bezel, which could result in smaller form factor. The company is known for its effort in making its devices lighter and thinner with each passing year, except for the 3rd generation iPad and iPad 4. It means, we can expect that the upcoming iPad model to be no different.

A new rumor mentions about the redesigned LED backlighting system, which allows for a smaller form factor. Another change involves the film-based touch sensor, which helps to make the next iPad thinner. It isn’t clear whether or not the iPad 5 will feature Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) display. The technology is developed by Sharp, which promises reduced power consumption while keeping the brightness level acceptable.

This would be another step forward for Apple. The 3rd. generation iPad and iPad 4 gained some weight and are thicker than the iPad 2 as Apple equipped them with Retina Display capability. The iPad 5 could roughly as thin and light as the iPad 2, while retaining the Retina Display.

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